DazzleStar TNG Help

The JAR file DazzleStar.jar implements a modern version of John Washington's famous DazzleStar interactive disassembler.

The configuration of the disassembler is customized by the configuration file, which is searched for in the following way:

  1. The current directory is searched for "dzrc"
  2. The path "~/.dzrc" is used (user's home directory)
This file is plain text and consists of lines in the format "property = value".

If a program file is given on the commandline, it is assumed to be a COM file (or at least ORGed at 0x0100).

The keyword "ZILOG" or "MAC80" may be given on the commandline, to override the default/initial instruction mnemonics.


This program is still very preliminary, and exact functionality is still being worked out. But it is possible to examine COM files and generate usable ASM or PRN output. Currently, only COM files ORGed at 0100H can be used.